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We are Darryl Howells Planning Consultancy. Or, DHPC, for short. We offer highly qualified planning advice for property developers like yourself, working in the residential sector. DHPC operates in Dorset, and along the South Coast. Our aim is singular. Our objectives, resolute: to secure planning permission for your scheme.

Your Perfect Property Project. Or Is It?

Securing planning permission. It’s what we do.

Either through a direct application or at the planning appeals stage. How do we do this? Through ensuring that your project meets the local authority’s planning policies. Or, when it doesn’t, offer strong planning arguments to support it.

Do you have a proposed scheme of up to 20 units?

Is This You?

As a property developer, you’re mighty busy.

Whilst the domestic property sector in the south of England is booming – yes, we definitely need more housing – the world of planning applications and appeals is a complicated one. Or, it most certainly can be. It goes without saying that you may not have the time, or to be fair the motivation to keep up to speed with every nuanced detail. And, legislation is, shall we say fluid.

Choosing the right type of development project can make or break its success.

Do the following aspects (and this list isn’t exhaustive by any means) align with the local authority’s planning policies, for example? And, how do you know for sure that they do?

Planning Policies

These “material considerations” are numerous, and can be tricky to navigate

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Through 24 years’ experience in senior-level local authority planning roles, we understand fully the mindset of the person who will be assessing your application. Also, how to argue your case to the Planning Inspectorate in an appeals process.

When it comes to planning advice for property developers, you deserve a pro-active, problem-solving approach. With our determination, single-mindedness and expertise, the very best chance of success is just a phone call away.

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