Planning Advice for Architects

Highly Qualified Advice

DHPC is an independent planning consultancy based in Dorset. We offer highly qualified planning advice for architects in and around the county, and along the south coast of England.

Planning by Design

No doubt, if you’re an architect, you’ll already know that securing planning permission can be difficult. In fact, increasingly so. The legislation surrounding it tends to fluctuate. Equally, you know that it’s complex. Also, time-consuming.

Despite your established knowledge of the process, a successful outcome goes further than the technicalities of your application. How? Because in planning, as well as meeting the authority’s planning policies, there’s a degree of politics. That is to say, obligations, charges, officers, committees and appeals. In essence, there’s a specific language, methods. Protocol, even. 

We have over 24 years’ experience in planning. We’ve worked at  senior level with decision-making powers for planning applications. In fact, we’ve worked within almost every area of local area planning. So, we know the mindset of the person assessing your application. In other words, we know how they tick.

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Is this You?

Perhaps you’re a smaller practice with expertise in design rather than the awkward legislative details involved in planning applications. Or, your larger architectural practice has decided to focus on your core deliverables, and work in partnership with a consultant. Feel free to read more About Us, then we’d be delighted to discuss your needs with you.

All things considered, as your planning consultancy, we can draw on our wealth of experience in all these things. And, more.  We can interpret your client’s scheme, offer first-class advice, and either:

Decide on the viability of your scheme

Manage the entire planning application from start to finish, including submission through the planning portal, follow-ups and all negotiations. From site appraisals to assess the viability of your scheme, through to discharge of conditions

Oversee the appeals Process

Oversee the appeals process, should your application be refused.

Alternatively, both of the above.

Essentially, we can ensure that the application dovetails with all relevant local and national planning policies. Likewise, we can offer fully legitimate arguments that can outweigh and overcome that decision.

Planning Advice for Architects

How would a consultancy with the right knowledge, expertise, and levels of professional empathy with planning officers work for you?

In short, our aim is to secure approval, therefore reducing risk. Also, where possible help you to save time and money. Our reputation is solid. Our success rate – substantial.  Now, doesn’t that sound like a business you’d like on your side?

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