Planning Application


Windham Road, Bournemouth


Conversion of existing 3 storey office to a 1 bedroom dwelling


Dot Architecture


DHPC are pleased to win 2no. APPEALS for the conversion of a 3-storey office into a 1 bedroom dwelling, ideally designed as a ‘bachelor’ or ‘bacheloress’ pad.

The scheme designed by Dot architecture however both applications were refused by the Local Planning Authority on the grounds of harmful amenities to the intended occupier and neighbours around.

Darryl successfully argued to the Planning Inspector that the design of the dwelling would meet the specific needs of the intended occupier rather than mainstream homeowners. Darryl argued the garden size albeit small was adequate to meet the occupier’s needs and that the Nationally Described Space Standards did not apply. The Inspector agreed that “The Nationally Described Space Standards (NDSS) does not prescribe minimum floor areas or storage for three-storey one-bedroom dwellings of the nature proposed and the failure to meet the technical requirements does not necessarily mean that living accommodation would be unacceptable or substandard”.

The Inspector then accepted that “the proposed plans demonstrate that adequate space would be provided to meet basic furniture needs and provide suitable circulation space”.

There were other issues which Darryl responded to with evidence and planning arguments where were accepted.

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