Darryl Howells Planning Consultancy is a professional consultancy, operating along the south coast of England.
So, why DHPC?
Residential Property Developers and Architects

We’re highly experienced consultants, exceptionally motivated to offer the highest levels of advice and expertise primarily to residential property developers and architects.

In brief, our goal is laser-focused: to give your application its absolute best chance of being approved, or for the local authority to allow an appeal. Consider the following points below. Then, why not get in touch? In our opinion, DHPC’s input could be your stepping stone to success

That is to say, everything involved in getting your scheme approved. (we can, however, draw up standalone Planning Statements.)

From reviewing your plans, conducting an early-stage feasibility study and site appraisal, through to submitting your application, together with its mandatory supporting documents. And, all the follow-up and negotiations can follow. In summary, ensuring that everything is well-timed and prompt. 

Also, we can also manage the whole of the appeals process, should the planning authority reject your application. 

We’re gratified by the reputation that we’ve earned during 24 years’ experience in the sector, from clients and from local authorities. It goes without saying that the planning system can be complex. 

So, we hope that our standing as a highly competent, knowledgeable business offers you the reassurance you need. 

Having started as a planning officer in a local planning authority office, with subsequent promotions to senior roles, when it comes when it comes to planning, as the founder and Managing Director of DHPC, I’ve done more or less everything.

As a result, we know back to front the details and constraints of the process, and how best to dovetail your application to the local authority’s policy. Equally, if it doesn’t comply, to present the evidence to justify it being accepted.

In an ideal world, you need someone on your side who understands how your audience operates. That is to say, how they think, what objections they may have, and the information they’ll require. DHPC knows the policies, and the planning officers. LIkewise, we can anticipate any challenges and opportunities before we submit the application.

Your high-pressure property environment demands great service, fast response times, and a flexible approach. As a smaller consultancy, we can provide high levels of flexible client service, and handle applications in a timely manner. Plus, of course update you regularly.

We’ll take the initiative to follow up with your planning officer, and liaise with your architect to keep your scheme in motion.  DHPC will diarise everything on your behalf. We call this resolution. Others may see it as dogged determination!

We’d be happy to take some of the pressure out of your busy day, with regular communication and a positive working partnership with your architect.

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