Pre-Application Advice

For residential or commercial property development projects, early, bespoke pre-application advice from DHPC could mean the difference between a “yes” and a “no” from the Local Planning Authority if you submit an application afterwards.

Pre-Application Advice

Also, guidance on any changes you may need to make to your scheme for it to be more likely to succeed. And, all before you – and your project – disappear down an expensive, time-consuming rabbit hole. 

We are DHPC. With over 24 years’ experience in the often-complex world of planning applications, our skills are your gain.

How? Because our early-stage contribution could improve the quality of your application. Fine tune it, perhaps. To coin a phrase, it could give it wings. Let us explain.

The DHPC Distinction

My name is Darryl Howells. I used to be a planning officer. As is clear, DHPC is a planning consultancy with a difference. 

What does this mean to you? Simply, that we can and do see both sides. We’ll spot immediately any complicated knots in the project, and how they could butt up against council policy. Plus, we’ll know in advance of your submission, what your planning officer is thinking. Whilst we don’t have super-powers what we mean is, we have foresight. In other words, we’ll be aware what their assessment criteria are against which your application will be analysed.

Useful? Very.

Would you like to get everything right – from the beginning?

The Importance of Pre-Application Advice

For property developers and architects with more in-depth, or multifaceted projects, strong direction right from the start of the process is essential.

Likewise, for any schemes you may have that could be locally contentious, or controversial.

Ultimately, by ensuring that you have correctly interpreted the council’s planning policy and local development plans, my objective is clear:

To help you dial up your application’s potential, rather than turn down its volume when you meet delays, obstacles and objections.

What We Can Bring to Your Scheme

(before it even IS a Scheme)

Essentially, it puts your project in context. Among other things, a visit to the site on your behalf will enable us to gain information on the following:

  • Local knowledge
  • An in-depth understanding of the relevant national and local planning policies against which your application will be assessed
  • The means to offer advice on processes and procedures, and likely timescales
  • How best to offer useful, informal comments

Let’s get everything right from the beginning. With DHPC.

Allow us to handle your planning application or appeal, no matter the size of your project