Planning Application Strategy

We believe we have what you need: the knowledge, experience and expertise to create a clearly articulated planning application strategy to support your business or project.

What Does This Look Like?

As a residential property developer or architect, what would precise, tailored strategic advice on planning applications mean to you? In our experience, a robust planning application strategy could be fundamental to more successful outcomes. Rather than fewer. 

Also, knowing that you have the right input, with clear guidance and a pro-active approach across the board could be the perfect foundation for growth.

How We Can Help

In your property development business, or architectural practice, no doubt you have targets and commercial objectives. May we ask, are your construction projects helping to meet these? Or, are they in effect, getting in the way? Are planning applications being refused, or even de-registered?

If so, time is money. As a matter of fact, whether you focus on new builds or re-developments, the applications process can be complicated. And, it has many stages, and obstructions.

Obviously, it’s easy to make mistakes. And, to keep making them.

We’re Here to Change All That

In our opinion, adopting the best planning strategy for your operation is your spear and your shield.

You need a consultancy that recognises all the considerations and opportunities. Likewise, a business well versed in the sector. That is, one who can help you set out a realistic time frame. And, navigate the hazards.

At the same time, a consistent approach is fundamental. With extensive previous experience as a planning officer, as the Managing Director of DHPC, I know both sides of the process. Not least the near-forensic knowledge of your authority’s planning policy. Uniformity and stability will be key. Negotiation, communication and persistency – equally so.

Let DHPC advise and guide you

Our aim is to minimise time and cost risks, whilst maximising the strength of your application. Get in touch with us to discuss your future planning application strategy. We’ll help you create your strongest tool. One that could add the power and muscle your business deserves.

  • The wide scope of information that your local authority will need
  • All architectural considerations
  • Environmental considerations
  • Housing considerations and targets

With our expertise, we can help to de-risk your project and add value wherever possible.

Allow us to handle your planning application or appeal, no matter the size of your project