Planning Statements

Submit Your Planning Applications

If you wish to submit your own planning application, we can help. DHPC will create bespoke, standalone planning statements on your behalf. Are you a property developer, an architect, or a private client? Feel free to get in touch.   

Your Planning Statement

As you know, planning statements are needed for all major developments:

To summarise, this document needs to set out as clearly as possible to your planning officer how your scheme complies with the adopted local planning policies. Equally, it must include any relevant material planning considerations. It’s important to realise that this process is highly technical. And, that it will need detailed, in-depth information.

Some Advice

So, may we offer you this piece of advice? Don’t attempt to draw up this crucial document yourself. In other words, DIY planning statements are best avoided. At all costs.

As the founder and Managing Director of DHPC, I have over 24 years’ industry experience. I’ve worked as a planning officer in a previous life and I know their mindset. With this in mind, I know how to “tick” the proverbial boxes that your planning statement will need for a successful outcome.

The Darryl Howells Planning Consultancy Approach

Perhaps you’re planning a new build. Or, a re-modelling or a conversion. For all these schemes, we will offer a strong, clearly presented case to explain how your scheme will meet and address the national and local planning policies under consideration. Our objective is to set out the best and most appropriate level of detail to create the right impression. And, for your application to be viewed favourably.

To explain further, the statement needs to include full consideration of all relevant planning issues. For example, it may incorporate:

…and so on. The above list isn’t exhaustive. But, we hope it proves that when it comes to planning statements, there is a great deal to know, and even more to communicate.

Worth Knowing

Are you considering a scheme within the Green Belt? You’re on the right page, as we have specific expertise in this area. Do contact us for more information.

With DHPC’s knowledge and experience, your planning statement could be the start of your next successful development project.

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