Planning Applications
Come to us for end-to-end knowlege of the planning applications process

Planning Applications

Darryl Howells Planning consultancy is a highly experienced consultancy based in Dorset and the south of England. We aim to offer you peace of mind, and streamline the entire process. DHPC offers you our knowledge, expertise and skills to handle your entire planning applications journey.  From start, to finish. 

What Do We Do?

In brief, DHPC works with residential property developers and architects, with schemes of up to 15 units.

Plus, we take things further. We’ll also help you with your planning appeal, should this be necessary. 

Further, we can support the needs of private clients on selected domestic projects. Do get in touch to find out more.

Generally, planning applications can be complicated, and stressful. Likewise, time-consuming. Why? Because if you fail to submit every detail precisely and correctly, the application will not succeed. The result could be lengthy expensive delays.

With DHPC, we aim to solve all of the above challenges. In short, we understand how these things are done through previous long-standing local authority roles, including as a council planning officer. We’ll also most likely know your planning officer personally. This is the power of experience. And, a healthy, collaborative network.

Co-Ordination, Submission and Management

From pre-application advice, carrying out site appraisals, through to submitting your application itself, we’ll also ensure that all the necessary mandatory documents go with it. Not only will every piece of information be incorporated, but it will also be accurate, current and compliant.  

As far as possible, we’ll make certain that your application meets the council’s policies, as well as the National Planning Policy Framework. Or, if compliance isn’t possible, we’ll offer strong planning arguments to outweigh those policies.

We’ll also take care of any and all follow-up communications and negotiations on your behalf. And, as mentioned, manage your appeals process, should this be necessary.

What’s the Council Looking For?

As you may realise, there isn’t an obvious, or even a quick answer.

Your local authority will base its decision on a number of “material considerations” which can include  (but won’t be limited to):

As your planning consultancy, we know what these are, and what adhering to them (or otherwise) could mean for your scheme. Also, as nothing stays the same, how these considerations can fluctuate.

Of Note:

Are you considering a Green Belt development? Our expertise in this important aspect can help your project gain the planning permission you may not have thought possible.

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