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Planning Application Advice and Services

DHPC provides expert planning application advice and serivces. We work with residential and commercial property developers, mainly along the south coast of England. Our aim is to save you time, stress, hassle and money in the planning application or appeal processes. 

Planning Applications. Are they Outside Your Comfort Zone?

At a basic level, you may not need planning permission.

But, if you do, the local planning authority will require you to fill out an application form detailing your proposals. However, you may be unsure about the full extent of the information that they need; the scheme could be more complex and extensive than it appears. And, it’s easy to get it wrong. You could make costly, time-consuming mistakes.

The Rules and Regulations

Are you up to speed with current planning laws, with a full understanding of which legislation applies to which type of property? Are you aware of any material planning considerations that outweigh the adopted policies? 

And, if you do have questions, there may not be anyone around to ask.

Are You Time Poor?

You have long, busy days. Losing a working day to sorting out any planning permission issue can reduce your income. Plus, it could even mean the difference between a profitable scheme, and one that loses you money.

Understanding the Decision-Making Process

For the best results, you need insight into the mindset of a planning officer. Equally, how they reach their conclusions, and how long they’re likely to take.  

And, you’ll need to know what to do if any third parties raise concerns or objections.


Through making sure that your scheme meets the local authority’s planning policies. Equally, where it does not, by offering planning arguments to support it.

DHPC Has The Solution

With our planning application advice and services, we’re on your side.  

Like you, DHPC recognises the role of your local authority planning officer. Likewise, their duty to keep careful control of development activities. Like ripples from a stone thrown into still water, their decisions will have consequences  

Also, we both know that they’re not “computer says no” people. Mostly, they want to say yes, but have to management of urban development in the most professional way possible. 

If any of the above issues are happening to you, we’d be pleased to help.