Planning Appeals

Support For Your Planning Appeals

Do you need the services of an experienced consultancy to support your planning appeals process?

With Darryl Howells Planning Consultancy, you’ll be in safe, capable hands every step of the way. We work with architects, property developers and selected private clients throughout Dorset and the south of England.

The Time Is Now

When it comes to planning appeals, time marches on. Generally, you have just six months from the date of your decision notice in which to appeal, so don’t delay. Householder decisions only have 12 weeks from the date of your decision – get in touch today for more information.

If the local authority has refused your planning application or if are refusing to determine your application, DHPC is here to support you.

Should an appeal be viable – and only if we consider it to be so – we have the experience and knowledge to present a thoroughly researched case to the Planning Inspectorate. And, through follow-up, hands-on communication and negotiation, we’ll take care of the entire appeals process on your behalf.

Does your appeal have “legs”? If yes, our aim is straightforward and crystal clear:

By means of reasoned, robust arguments to turn your refusal into an approval.

Alternatively, we can offer you best-in-class advice on how best to amend or adapt your application. A slight change of direction, maybe. Or a different approach.

Planning Applications and Your Project

The planning system exists to ensure that all developments are in the public interest. And, that they have economic, environmental and social benefits. Also, that it supports regeneration, or meets in some way the needs of the local community.

If your planning application has been refused, the council will have deemed it to fall short of its planning policies in some way. However, their reasons for turning it down may need a degree of stress-testing – perhaps even as a way to address local objections.

Perhaps all relevant information was simply not there the first time. We can sort that.

Is Second Time-Around Approval Guaranteed?

Please be aware that even we can’t promise success. Indeed, no professional planning consultant could, or even can do that.

However, through experience, a pro-active approach, and a forensic understanding of local planning policy, our anecdotal success ratio has been considerable.

With DHPC on your case, you’ll have the best, strongest possible appeals tool at your disposal.

Allow us to handle your planning application or appeal, no matter the size of your project