Planning Application


New Quay Road, Poole


Demolition of a non-designated heritage asset and the erection of a 4 storey block of offices and 9no. flats


Morgan Design Studio


DHPC was instructed to manage a planning application for the demolition of a building that the Local Planning Authority had identified had good architectural and historic links to the town, and its replacement with a 4 storey block of 9no. flats above commercial space on the ground. The site was located in a Port area and area was prone to flooding so posed additional challenges to overcome.

DHPC was able to demonstrate that the retention of the non-designated heritage asset would be unavailable in terms of construction costs. With that evidence, Darryl then argued that the commercial space would elevate the residential development above the area of flooding, thereby reducing the risk to human health. The proposed 4 storey was argued having regard to the wider area and the scope of development occurring, and the Council’s own policies to encourage housing development in a town centre location.

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