Planning Application


Longham, near Ferndown


Extension to an existing detached garage and conversion to a 5 bedroom dwelling in the Green Belt


Studio Arkell


DHPC working with architectural designers Studio Arkell, arboriculturalist Richard Nicholson, and highways expert James Bevis of i-transport, have secured full planning permission for the conversion of a detached garage into a FIVE BEDROOM DWELLING HOUSE in the GREEN BELT.

Using a previous decision also originally secured with Darryl’s involvement, Darryl negotiated with the planning officer and finalised a design that was in keeping with the appearance of nearby houses, but also enabled an enlargement of the building by 43.2% to meet the Council’s historic policy guide threshold of 50% permitted in the Green Belt.

The conclusion of the planning officer was “Given the partly hipped roof design with subservient box dormer which would minimise the overall massing of the dwelling, the additions proposed are not considered to represent disproportionate additions over and above the size of the original building. The proposal therefore accords with Paragraph 145 (c) of the NPPF and is appropriate development in the GB”. Issues of vehicular access, ecology, impact upon protected trees were negotiated and subsequently supported by the LPA, and the scheme was determined under the officer’s delegated powers.

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