Planning Application


Land rear of nos 150-156 Blandford Road, Poole


Sever land and erect 3no. 3 storey town houses with off road car parking


Studio M O D A Limited Architects


DHPC was instructed to advise, submit, and justify a planning application to sever land and erect 3no. 3 storey terraced townhouses in Poole. Prior to Darryl’s involvement, the applicant submitted a pre-application for an alternative scheme that was not received well by the Local Planning Authority (LPA).

Based on Darryl’s expertise and knowledge, the client then instructed Darryl to advise on a revised scheme, and apply for secure planning permission. The context of the site is a Grade I Listed Building and other residential units and a school.

Darryl advised the client and architect on the design evolution of the scheme, highlighting key areas of design changes that the LPA would like resist. Once the planning application had been finalised, it was fully justified by Darryl in his supporting planning and heritage statement. The documentation was well received, and subject to minor negotiation regarding tree replants, Darryl was able to secure full planning permission under delegated powers.

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