How We Work

Are you a developer seeking the services of a planning application consultant in Dorset?
You could quite literally be on the right page.

Planning Application Consultant in Dorset

Darryl Howells is a specialist planning application consultant in Dorset. Our business is DHPC and we work primarily on  residential and commercial schemes. If you’re a property developer, or an architect, we’d be pleased to hear from you.

In short, with over 24 years’ experience, we fully understand the often-dense, knotty world of planning. 

Above all, we’re here to ensure that the planning application that we submit on your behalf to the local authority has the best possible chance of being approved. Rather than refused.

And, everything we do has that clear objective in mind.

With expert knowledge of the entire process (including appeals), we will act for you. Our approach will be to draw on our wealth of expertise for a smooth transition from submission to acceptance. In an environment needing cool, objective persistence, we can navigate the politics of planning. 

In other words, we’re your anchor in a stormy sea of red tape.

How We Work

This page offers an overview of our approach and methodology.

Please refer to our Services pages for full information on how we can add value at each stage of the process.

Get In Touch, But Do It Early On

To begin with, is your project reasonably complex? Or, are you not sure? Will it entail an interpretation of planning policy and local development plans? If so, we'll recognise this immediately, and DHPC can make sure that everything runs smoothly.  However, not all schemes need our services, and we'll let you know if this is the case.   Our involvement in the initial stages of your project is crucial. Why? Because without experience and expertise right from the start, it’s easy to get it wrong.  We need to manage your expectations: should the council’s decision appear already to be going against you, and you decide to engage me halfway through, it may be too late. 

Our Approach

One word: tenacious.  In brief, our aim is for your planning application or appeal to glide through the process as smoothly as possible.  Therefore, along with an in-depth knowledge of your local authority’s planning policy, we’ll be as pro-active as possible. What we mean is, by vonfirming, checking, chasing and following up. On balance, whatever it takes to move your scheme towards a favourable conclusion.  To a degree, this is about the subtle principles of planning – obligations, negotiations, committees and appeals. Not only do we know how this all “works”, we also recognise how planning officers think. And, we have a positive working relationship with them.

Detail is Everything

Get a planning application wrong, and the council could de-register it or refuse it. Hence, we miss nothing. Why? Because avoiding planning pitfalls is why you’ve engaged us as your knowledge-driven experts.

Integrity and Openness

Will working with DHPC guarantee you success? No. But, let's re-phrase the question. Can our services significantly increase your planning application’s chances of approval? Without a doubt, yes.