Certificate of Lawfulness

Expert professional advice from DHPC regarding your Certificate of Lawfulness

OK to Go Ahead?

When it comes to securing planning permission for your proposed development, what seems straightforward can often be clear as mud.

It’s vital to know that your scheme is actually lawful right from the start. Equally, the finely tuned details of whether permission IS, or isn’t required can be tricky to grasp. You’re busy, and your focus is on your clients – and on business growth. Therefore, early-stage mistakes could cause your project to stutter and stall – and then grind to a halt.

Which is where, why and how you may require a Certificate Of Lawfulness.

What is a Certificate of Lawfulness?

A Certificate of Lawfulness, as it sounds, formally establishes that something is legal. In this case, it applies either to an existing use or development of a property (or “CLEUD”), or a proposed use or development of a property (“CLOPUD”).

Essentially, it’s a means of obtaining a decision from the local authority that is based on evidence or legislation – and importantly, NOT on subjective planning policy interpretation.

Once secured, the Council cannot change its mind, so it’s a powerful way to establish once and for all that any development works won’t be at risk from future enforcement action. And, it relates to a particular property, whoever owns it. Importantly, a Certificate of Lawfulness can even boost the value of a property.

On Your Side

Indeed, in some cases a Certificate of Lawfulness can be a robust alternative to the planning application process – but not always.

You need the experts on your side.

How We Can Help

Time is money.

We can save you time, and money.

As independent planning consultants, we have in-depth experience of the planning applications process, both from the point of view of a planning officer, and for our clients.

We’ll offer you advice on which is the best option for you, and if appropriate, will help you to acquire this documentation from the Council. How? Through ensuring that accurate, relevant evidence backs up your application. DHPC will guide you through any potential pitfalls, and if refused, can argue your case through an appeals process.

Let DHPC offer you expert advice to assess your individual case, and pursue the best strategy to suit your circumstances.

Allow us to handle your planning application or appeal, no matter the size of your project