Planning Application


Bushell Close, Poole


Erect a 2 storey extension to enlarge the dwelling


Arcane Design Studio


DHPC were instructed to appeal the decision of BCP Council that refused an application for a large 2 storey side extension to a dwelling, to create an attached garage, games room and 2no. bedrooms. The Local Planning Authority had refused the scheme as being out of character and harmful to visual amenities due to the ‘unbalancing effect’ caused to the front elevation.

DHPC provided evidence and robust planning arguments to explain to the Planning Inspector that the scheme did indeed accord with subjective planning policies, and the appearance albeit different, would not harm the visual amenities. The Planning Inspector in allowing the appeal agreed,

“there are a variety of designs and any extension or alteration to one-half of a semi-detached pair will to some degree have an unbalancing effect. While the proposal would significantly increase the width it would integrate with the existing property and there are no local policies or guidance before me which indicate that an extension must be of a subservient design”.

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